Coconut Cat Litter with Disposable Box



High Absorption

100% Biodegradable

Recycle as Compost

Use it in DIY disposable box

Use it in a Litter tray

Know more about your product

😸 Created from Coconut Husk, all natural, graded and washed

👃 No perfuming agents, to avoid "Scented Cat Litter Problems"

☢️ Free from any additives/ preservatives/ colouring/ clumping agents (Sodium Bentonite)

💧 Highest Absorption rate among all litter products (600 ~ 800%)

🐾Natural moisture (10~15%) which makes digging softer for the paws (kitten/Junior/Senior/All)

😽 Comes with a disposable Litter Box, so bye-bye tray cleaning

🐈 Safest among all, your pet can groom itself without any harm

😻 Cats do love this Coconut Litter.

✈️ Adopted Internationally by various brands, now available for Indian Pet Lovers.

DIY Disposable Box to Tray

Packaging Box

Open Up

Use it as a Litter Tray

Disposable - Innovative - Convenient

Please check video below for usage

Make use of Disposable Box

as a Litter Tray for your cat

Got a Kitten, no problem

train your naughty one too

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